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 CoC Quests

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Players can get CoC quests from the Altis CoC. These quests are a great source of Gold. You can use money obtained from completing the quests to invest in businesses in other towns. If you invest the required amount of money, you will earn a commission as a reward.

Each item listed on the market has two price categories. One is the standard price players must pay to purchase the item. The other is the selling price, which includes two different price levels. If players purchase an item and then sell it in the same city immediately, the selling price is 50% of the original purchase price. However, if players sell an item in any other city, the price is 110% of the original purchase price multiplied by the local Price Index.

The trade price changes whenever the Price Index changes. The Price Index refreshes every 10 minutes, and is set between 80% and 120% as randomly decided by the system. The final purchase/selling price equals the original purchase/selling price multiplied by the local Price Index. The price is rounded to two digits after the decimal point.

The products available for sale in a town's bourse (or market) are limited; players cannot purchase any if an item is sold out. However, the available amount of an item is updated every 10 minutes. The amount will increase as the city develops.

Joining the Business World

There are a few simple steps to successfully completing CoC quests.

1. After reaching level 30, visit Catherine Stine in the Altis City CoC to request quests.

2. You will receive a trade scroll upon accepting a CoC quest.

3. Purchase local products from the trader at the CoC and sell them elsewhere for a profit.

The trade scroll provides your character some money with which to buy goods to resell. Players can turn in the quest once they have earned the required amount of money. The CoC will reimburse you for your troubles with ample rewards.

Each player ID is permitted to run 5 CoC quests per day. The quest requirements and rewards differ according to a player's level.

CoC Quests 112

Investment Opportunities

Besides purchasing and selling goods, players can also invest in the local economy. Each day, players can invest in a town's economy by purchasing a crystal from the trader for 2 Gold. Doing so can increase the town's Business Degree.

Each city has its own Business Degree. Players can check it by speaking to the NPC in the bourse. The Business Degree affects the types and amounts of products available. Investing increases the Business Degree, making it easier to find products to buy for resale.

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For more details about the local products available in different cities, visit the Products Form.
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CoC Quests
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